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When I was 13 I hit by a car, two years later I developed epilepsy due to a traumatic brain injury. Since then I had a much different childhood then most. There were many events I missed or difficult times I never spoke of, life was confusing and seemed hopeless. It wasn't until I found photography that I found meaning, an outlet for myself and a life away from epilepsy. After I found a way to overcome my condition I started working on Seize. a project depicting epilepsy from a patient perspective. That wasn’t enough, like so many others art helped me when I wasn’t able to help myself and I feel a need to bring that back to my community and anyone that would benefit.


Epilepsy is a complex and sometimes debilitating condition with physical and a psychological effects. Most epileptics suffer in silence while friends and family are concerned with their physical well being. In most patients there is a lack of self confidence which can lead to depression or even increase the number of epileptic episodes. The main focus of Carpe Diem is to help improve the mental state of a child facing the countless issues and fears associated with epilepsy. My goal is to set up an engaging and creative night out for children and adolescents growing up with epilepsy. A stress free fun night of entertainment, learning from professional artists and creating art with peers. 

If you can empower a child to believe in the power of themselves you can help reduce the number of seizures as well as let a child live up to their true potential. 

At the moment we are looking for artists, athletes, or anyone living with and over coming the struggles of epilepsy. Production companies, event planers, and food services as well as anyone willing to donate time or services to come together and work in conjunction to create a memorable experience for children living with epilepsy. Please contact Dan@Dhopperphotography if you would like to get involved.


Motivational Speaker.jpg

Motivational speeches from people on how they over came their disabilities

Artist speaking (1.jpg

Discussions with artists on their craft and their inspirations

Art Station (1.jpg

Custom art stations for children and the artist to make new work


Music (1.jpg

Meet and greets/VIP access for children at events with musical performances

Events (1.jpg

Exclusive access for children with epilepsy to performances and gallery showings